4 Hours in Seattle


Long layovers at airports?=Time for a little adventure!

I had flown in from Chicago O’Hare to Sea-Tac a few days ago arriving in the morning and my flight back to Honolulu from there wasn’t scheduled until 6:00 p.m.  The thought of taying at the crowded and noisy airport all day certainly wasn’t appealing.

Downtown Seattle is easily accessed by link light rail and car.  I took a cab and the fare was about $40 dollars one way.  It took 35 minutes to reach downtown.  Trains takes a little longer and they depart every 7-15 minutes.  I’ve always been drawn to places with good food and some sort of history .  My appetite naturally led me to Pike Place Market.  Aside from being touristy to my liking, it was intriguing being there.  The smell of fish might be offending to some never  been in fish markets.  Established in 1907, the farmers market boasts  fresh seafood, meats, vegetables, speciality foods, arts and crafts 363 days a year.

What to eat?   There are lots of seafood restaurants as well as casual and international dining.  Bakeries and cafes are good options for light and quick bites.  Be prepared and willing to stand in line if you want a bowl of clam chowder  from Pike Place Chowder.  Le Panier is a French bakery offers delicious selection of breads and pastries using a lot of seasonal ingredients.  Organically grown produce is encouraged here and I enjoyed a cup of warm apple cider made from organic apples. Eating seasonally always makes me feel  good inside!  

I picked up a little ceramic coaster from one of the craft venders.  Eating is my #1 priority everywhere  I go and the #2 priority is finding interesting arts and crafts.  Seattle Art Museum is on my list for my next visit here.  






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